Chicks on Bikes videos

Well I guess I should have known, but it still shocks me how much offensive media there is on women bikers. I just did a youtube search on Chicks on Bikes and do you know what came up? Sure you do. Lots of “hot chicks on bikes” read: have never started a motorcycle image but willing to pose in sad permutations of lustful porn poses.

No need to add a link here because they’re all so incredibly dull and mundane. But obviously thrilling to a good number of guys.

one of a million stupid pictures of girls on bikes

one of a million stupid pictures of girls on bikes

I guess men like bikes, they like sex with women and they hope to combine these things in one stimulating image. I ponder what exactly they want when they look at those pictures. Does a fast or flashy bike embody their fantasy self and the women draped on the bike are somehow draped on them?

Oh now my husband just came in the room and explained this to me. Men see a bike they would like to have and they wish that sexy woman wanted to have sex with him on the bike. He says I’m making the whole thing more complicated than it really is. Men are simple creatures.

As a photographer (if I’m feeling generous toward the bozos who take these pics) I think may a part of is the simple mechanics of it, a good posing prop.

Anyway, my search turned up a few amusing things as well. First of all (and this is #5 on Youtube) is a song called “Chicks on Bikes”

Check out Heloise’s Household Hints for Motorcycles Its like June Cleaver telling you how to get the stinky sweat out of your motorcycle helmet and other handy (ladylike?) tips. Heloise rides around and around on her campy sidecar bike and tells you she’s been riding since 1974.

Keepin’ in real are these ladies: “Bangs – Uncontrollable Women” I’d love to photograph them. You’ve got to see the scene when she catches her bike on fire. They give their biker names – Unconcious Nana, Big Panty (Pan-tay)…
part 1
part 2

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5 Responses to “Chicks on Bikes videos”

  1. montieandme Says:

    hahahaha well I really am a biker chick..only I wear jeans old tee shirt boots usually covered in grease or oil..oh and of course my big sexual turn on is my big comfy knickers!! would my hubbie have me any other way…nah!!!

  2. Steve Says:

    I like your site and your Chicks on Bikes project.
    But calling the photogs of sexy girls on bikes “bozos” is a bit much.
    Have you looked at your shot of Jennifer Bromme? Chick on a bike showing lots of cleavage, holding a mug of beer.

    Yes you are making it to complicated. Guys like pictures of sexy girls. On bikes, cars, boats, rock, in junk yards…..

  3. cshook Says:

    Thanks for your comment, I like to hear from the guys. Sorry about the bozo word, I’m sure there are some totally nice guys. And the girls take their part of responsibility. I’m not against sexy girl pics, just the totally contrived ones where they are objectified. For all the real women out there on bikes, it does offend that its the primary image one sees of girls on bikes. I think lots of my images are sexy but not offensive. I hope you’ll get the book and decide for yourself.
    Like your underwater pictures : )

  4. Biker 20chicks | FeriayFestival Says:

    […] Chicks on Bikes videos «Jul 20, 2009 … Heloise rides around and around on her campy sidecar bike and tells … hahahaha well I really am a biker chick..only I wear jeans old tee … […]

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