Great Art Director, bike seats, vaginas and Oprah

This is a kudos to my absolutly superlative book designer extraordinair- Jeffrey Hicken. Infact book designer is really a silly understatement – its like calling Bob Dylan a guitar player, or a towering Fudgeanna Split from Fentons calling it icecream. No, Jeffrey is a whole concept guy. He gets it. He wouldn’t even work on it if he didn’t get it. He was the one who came up with coolest thing about my book – the cover.
How do you, dear reader, like the cover? I find a good third of the people just see a ripped bike seat. Please comment below. Us 70% who get it, lets congratulate ourselves for grasping the the symbology of female anatomy. Whoo hoo!

Vagina vagina vagina, don’t you just like to say the word? Still I was taken aback when Jeffrey suggested I put a vagina thing on the cover of my book. Would Oprah put a book with that cover on her show? I slept on it, wrapped my small mind around it, and then agreed wholeheartedly that the cover said it all. Just recently Jeffrey told me that he wouldn’t have worked with me if I hadn’t embraced the cover. How right he was.

I’m kind of a solo person, I work for myself, I sometime hire assistents and other pro’s to help me, but I’ve never really been a team player. Jeffrey has been my team these past several month. I would wear a Team Jeffrey tshirt. Its really fun this collaboration thing even though we look over seperate oceans.

Whenever he sent me a new file I’d be giddy with pleasure; amazed at how sometimes my images had taken on an entirely new meaning and look. Sometimes I’d object and we’d tussle a bit over it and I’d come out better for it. The way a great designer can make text into a beautiful thing, he does that. But they’re not just pretty words, it’s that “gets it” thing. Beyond design, he’s got idea for marketing, product, publicity… did you know he did the website for Chicks On Bikes too?

I’ve sent hundreds emails to Jeffrey in which I try to find new ways to express my gratitude -with formality, with gushing, in xoxo’s, in multiple languages But I keep coming back to simply – Thank you, Jeffrey.

8 Responses to “Great Art Director, bike seats, vaginas and Oprah”

  1. Steve Says:

    When I saw the cover in the context of the book title I though is was a play off the “Vagina Monologues”, but my next though I found to be very funny but would most likely offend 90% of the Chick riders. So I’ll keep it to myself.

  2. Lisa Malachowsky Says:

    Of course I could tell what it was!!! What could be better than thinking about women and motorcycles in ANY context? This book provides an excellent “smattering” of how diverse and yet the same we are when we ride. Go Christina!!!

  3. cshook Says:

    See you’re learning!

  4. brammofan Says:

    I’m a new fan/follower of yours, simply due to the cover of your book. That, and your repeated utterings. And great post titles. My new heroine.

  5. Tony Phillips Says:

    Oh cunt I just ripped the seat 😦

  6. Bart Says:

    I love the cover. Congrats on a great book and a great idea.

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