I talked A LOT and met the best women – Women and Motorcycling Conference day 2

I sat at my book table today and talked and talked till my throat was dry as a old rattler shed snake skin in this Colorado dehydrated air. And the parade of women was a non stop pleasure of meeting wonderful kindred spirits of bikers and adventurers.

Here’s some of my fav’s that I managed to get photos of.

Check out the most sparkle-icious women I found: Diva Amy Skaling who makes rhinestone studded accessories.

The most sparkle-icious bike I found

The most sparkle-icious bike I found

some details.

some details.

some more details.

some more details.

Leslie Prevish who I’d blogged earlier that I wanted to meet – the brilliant marketing director at Harley Davison. She was as smart, personable and dedicated as I’d imagined she would be. She’s here with Willie G. Davidson’s (Yep as in Harley Davidson) grandaughter Karen Davidson.

Leslie Prevish and Karen Davison

Leslie Prevish and Karen Davison

I caught Genevieve Schmitt riding up on her bike. Also on my list of must meets. A busy lady who know pretty much everything that’s going on in the world of women motorcyclists. She is the editor or Women Riders Now.

And here’s just a crazy machine I had to take a picture of. I think its a backward trike.

backward trike?

backward trike?


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4 Responses to “I talked A LOT and met the best women – Women and Motorcycling Conference day 2”

  1. passfaster Says:

    wow nice bikes , i love these type of bikes.
    thanks for sharing this 😉

  2. Steve A Says:

    wow, the first photo is over the top! You will have to do to India to find guys riding something that blinged out. Of course there it would be a 125cc.
    The trike is a Can-am spider. From all accounts a really fun ride. I am trying get my wife on one so she can join me on rides. She won’t ride 2-up and is not happy about traffic on two wheels on her own bike.

  3. Laura Says:

    That bad ass “reverse trike” is a Can-Am Spyder. VERY cool ride! This one has been custom painted and some other upgrades. Different than 2 wheels but an awesome ride all the same. Fun, fun, fun. For Steve that posted…definitely have your wife go test ride one. For those of you that have two wheels and give this a sideways look–keep an open mind and GO RIDE ONE!!!

  4. Liz (rippin-kitten) Says:

    Oh, I’m jealous. You met a lot of women that I’d like to meet, too!

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