Curses on the printer, cheers for a new party date – 100 Women Ride

Oh the trials of publishing, everyone warned me. Ok my printer is in China and despite my very best efforts at good communication, its a bit like ordering Chinese food on a busy Saturday night over the phone. But honestly they’re good people, honest, good quality and the best price by far. DIYA publising if you want to know. Now back to my bitching…

I had to reschedule the date for the Chicks on Bikes ride and party after. It is now set for Sept. 27th. The ride starts at 12:30 and ends at Benders Bar in the mission at 3pm. I’m now calling it the Chicks On Bikes 100 Women Ride. Surely we can get 100 women on bikes out there. Its a deep and powerful feeling revving engines with big pack of girls. Its truly a Hear Me Roar feeling.

Dudes on bikes welcome.

Here’s the details:
Chicks On Bikes – 100 women ride.
San Francisco
Sunday Sept. 27
12:30 Be at Ocean Beach on the Great Highway where Fulton ends – ready to ride.

3:00 Chicks on Bikes Book Party
Benders Bar
806 South Van Ness @19th
Free BBQ, great drinks, 2 pool tables, hip music and me smiling and signing your book. 21+

I just hung a show of my work there that will be up all month. Stop on by and check it out.

And have a bloody mary there if you’re ready for lunch. Just so you know, its not mine.summer09-20

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3 Responses to “Curses on the printer, cheers for a new party date – 100 Women Ride”

  1. kickstand Says:

    um, gee, what’s not your’s Christina??!

  2. KT Did Says:

    Hey There! I will be up there that weekend for a family issue. I won’t be riding, but I will try and come by for a book and meet ya! Hope to see you there! Have a great ride. I would ride, but I need my truck and the only ride I have up there is my little 150 scooter.

  3. J-Nine Says:

    Hi all! I am hoping for some info that connects women riders for anything from day trips to longer rides. I am in Central Florida but love the idea of group travel. I do have a small bike however (Ninja 250) which I love, but wonder if an upgrade is necessary to hang with the crowd?! Advice is appreciated!

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