It still makes me cry – 9/11 memorial ride

This is Erich Bay who kissed his wife Lorraine as she went off to work on September 11th.
Erich Bay

Flight 93 left Newark NJ but never made to San Francisco; so Erich and several other family members of those who died on that hijacked light finished it in their memory. They rode motorcycles from the Newark Airport to SFO airport in an emotional cross country journey.

They were welcomed and escorted by many across america. But ultimately motorcycling is a solo journey with much time to reflect. He said the support and wishes of those across america brought him some comfort.

Erich was kind and smiling, but I started crying. The tragedy of it all comes pouring back. Their grief is shared by me in a way that no other tragedy evokes. I feel they suffered what was intended for us all to feel. I feel it, and I remember.

My spirits too rose when a distant roar broke into a full cacophony as hundreds of bikes filled Broadway street. Bikers from all over the bay area had joined to come and give support.
Motorcycles in San Francisco for 9/11 Memorial Ride

9/11 Memorial Ride, flight 93, San Francisco

Here’s the ride leader, Nick from Hercules.
9/11 ride leader

Urban Moto Magazine sponsored the SF event that evening. This is Leslie Kaye the groovy biker chick editor and publisher Danny Molina.Urban Moto, Leslie Kaye, 9/11 Memorial Ride, San Francisco

You know where my heart really is – chicks on bikes. I met the fantastic club – Curve Unit – that I’d heard of for years. They are total CHICKS ON BIKES – all caps baby. They had better show up for the Chicks on Bikes ride on the 27th.
Curve Unit, Flight 93 memorial ride

A little plug for their biggest event of the year coming right up too – a bbq fund raiser for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Family fun, music, raffle… Check out their site

I believe a key to life is showing up for it. Thank you to the motorcycle community for being the kind of people who do what you believe in. Thank you for showing up.

To wrap up this post: a piece of memorial fence they brought from Shanksville, Pennsylvania where the plane crashed.
Flight 93 Memorial Fence, Shanksville, San Francisco

One Response to “It still makes me cry – 9/11 memorial ride”

  1. Steve A Says:

    What a great way to remember that day.
    As big as that tragedy was, we as a nation, must move forward in a positive mode.
    Remembering in a positive way without hate, is a great way to do that.
    Riding is a great way to bring joy into our lives, and allows us to move forward in peace and love.

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