Not Any Given Sunday – its my big hometown book party/ride for Chicks on Bikes

For those of you who’ve harbored a dream for years and years to publish your book and haven’t actually finished it – listen up. Its kind of scary. Now there it bound on paper for all to see. Or worse, not to see. My own mom didn’t even bother to look through my website. Ouch.

I waver between thinking I have the best thing between 2 covers that transcends all genre and is a brilliant statement on the gender roles of women in the world of male dominated fun and the photographic successor to great documentary photography such as Doreathea Lange’s images of dust bowl refugees; or that I’ve fallen sadly short and … and… well hell I’m not going to write my own bad review but you can imagine what insecurities lie there.

Actually its gone pretty well, and its had very kindly reviewers. One of my fav’s is a fun magazine I’ve just discovered . I love the grass roots satisfaction of review from bloggers like these:
My favorite blogger is Rippen Kitten and here’s what she has to say:
You can read a whole except from the book here:

So here I am with a garage of books and some heartfelt good words from friends and the motorcycle community. I have grand visions of success and accolades and a second edition after they all sell out during the holiday sales rush.

Yet I’m perversely reluctant to give it over to mainstream distributors. Shouldn’t my goal be to have this in every suburban strip mall Barnes and Noble in America? Nope, I want to sign and add little notes on a postcard to each person who buys a book. So I’m going to get a bigger mechanism, one might way a web, a WWW to find those people.

A happy daunting moment when my garage fills with books.

A happy daunting moment when my garage fills with books.

Oh yes, that’s what I wanted to tell you book dreamers in the beginning of this blog entry – getting it published is just the first breath of life for your book. If its to have a life of its own, you need to keep up the mouth to mouth breathing.

I’m hoping to whack the chest of Chicks On Bikes and keep breathing until it gets up on its own sexy biker chick legs and walks right into the living rooms of those who love my photographs, are fascinated by the imagery from a rich culture and understand the universal stories of women who have found their own way and lived with passion.

I have finished a long standing project that has haunted me while I have nurtured loved and nearly but never quite abandoned in the 10 years it took. It is deeply gratifying.

My 9 year old daughter Ella is entirely impressed with me. Now that’s a bonus. I want to be the kind of mom whose grown and successful kids name me as a role model and inspiration. What higher aspiration could a mom have? Infact I feel like some emotional after-school-special just saying it. I don’t think they have after-school-specials anymore. Fine.

I’m just saying I’m proud to have a book of my own creation (and Jeffrey’s) and finished it, and jumped through the many spinning hoops to get it published, promoted, packaged and sold. That promote/sell part is my current overwhelming task.

Sunday is the hometown parade. I’m calling San Francisco my hometown because that’s where my heart is. I get to ride down the street with dozens, maybe 100, women bikers. This is going to be so damn fun. We should do this every year. We should do it in every city in America. Chicks on Bikes are so much FUN, and you will feel the POWER.

So here’s the details if there’s any single reader who hasn’t got them here at the 9th hour:

My book Chicks on Bikes is finally out! Its a lifestyle coffee table book of real women bikers. See http://www.ChicksOnBikes.US

Come celebrate women riders. San Francisco must the the epicenter of women bikers, so lets show what we’ve got!

The ride is at 12:30 and the book party is at 3pm. Dudes on bikes are welcome to come support us.Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for more cool biker chick news:

The party after at Benders is sure to be a rocking scene, so even you non bikers, come on down.

Chicks On Bikes – 100 Women Ride
San Francisco
Sunday Sept. 27
12:30- Be at Ocean Beach on the Great Highway where Fulton ends ? ready to ride.
Map of the ride route.

3:00 Chicks on Bikes Book Party
Benders Bar
806 South Van Ness @19th
Free BBQ, Liz Fabuliz on the turn table, 2 pool tables, and me smiling and signing your book. 21+

One Response to “Not Any Given Sunday – its my big hometown book party/ride for Chicks on Bikes”

  1. Sister Mooo Says:

    Wish I could be there riding with you ladies….. but, I’m here stuck in Western New York……. Have a Blast and ride safe!

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