Suburban book club takes on Chicks on Bikes


Wine, dessert and Chicks On Bikes

Those who know about book clubs know that too often the book doesn’t get entirely read. So I really thought Chicks on Bikes would be a perfect book. Heck, you can just look at the pictures like kids read National Geographic. Then you turn up drink some wine, nibble a little dessert and a have a gab with the girl friends.

Chicks on Bikes is an accessable book for anyone to jump into and enjoy, but its not just fluff with photos. It got a powerful message of what it means to follow your passion, how women jump into a man’s world and make it their own, how people assess risk… and lots of juicy topics for any book club.

The Moraga Moms book club is here in an affluent suburb of San Francisco – they do not ride motorcycles. They are not interested in ever riding motorcycles. But I’m terribly pleased to report that they loved reading Chicks on Bikes.

In their own words, here’s what they said:

“I just picked up the book to look flip through the pictures and I got caught up and read it straight through.”

“I would probably never have gone out and read this book because I have no interest in motorcycles. But I found that the women were more like me than they were different. I know at one point I cried.”

“I was astounded by the power of the women.”

“Maybe its a great book for us because we’re hitting middle age and harbour some fantasy of doing something wild!”

” I keep looking at the pictures and I see something new every time.”

Well that’s it for me tooting my horn with a blush. But I’m psyched to get my book into the hands of more book club and share the inspiration and spirit of Chicks on Bikes.

So I’m going to offer a Book Club Special:

  • I’ll send a box of 6 books or more with 20% discount and free shipping to your book club. ($20/book) or add $3 each to ship direct to each person.
  • I’ll sign each book.
  • I’ll call in during your meeting for an personal chat with your group.

And when you’re done reading it, how fun is it to put a book on your coffee table with a big vaginally suggestive image on it. Use it a rorschach test of visual literacy!

email me directly:
And check out the website: www.ChicksOnBikes.US

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7 Responses to “Suburban book club takes on Chicks on Bikes”

  1. brammofan Says:

    I want to start a book club just so that we can get the autographed books and some one-on-one time with you.

    • Christina Shook Says:

      Yeah more guys need book club! Make it a dude version – beer, bbq and book.

      And I sign any book ordered from my website, sometimes I odd things on the title page. Ya never know… thanks, Christina

  2. kickstand Says:

    What a cool idea and I love the picture!! Hey, they can call me up and ask me all about being a chick on a bike and I’ll have a nice glass of vino while I talk to them from the other coast… Seriously though, I do know people at work in book clubs and I’ll be happy to pass along your offer to them.

  3. Cathy Sizeler Says:

    Fabulous promotion Christina..I am excited about reading a book I otherwise would not have thought to “pick up”. It sounds and I am sure looks absolutely over the top wonderful.
    Thanks for always including us..

  4. Marianne Evenhuis Says:

    This really is a great bookclub book…save yourselves from the standard bookclub book doldrums! I’ve splattered your offer all over Facebook. Hope it helps! Thanks for creating this beauty, Christina!

  5. Liz Petersen Says:

    Hey Christina, this is a super offer! If I can talk my book group into buying and reading your book (despite our “no hardcovers” rule), maybe you’ll come up and visit us in person when we meet? That would be the coolest!

  6. psydayoxype Says:

    I highly enjoyed reading this blogpost, keep up creating such exciting articles.

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