Late Night New Years list

A late night resolution list for 2010:
1. go dancing with girlfriends
2. finish reading Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (or not)
3. make husband match socks when doing laundry
4. spend an afternoon at art museum or galleries every month, at least half without kids.
5. master chataranga in yoga
6. be more forgiving (except about sock matching)
7. sell out Chicks on Bikes, publisher picks up second edition for a smashing success.
8. consider letting hair go to natural color. No. Nix that.
9. go to one major motorcycle rally – Sturgis, Daytona, Laconia… blog honest impressions of bike rally culture and the women.
10. ummm, running out of steam here but feel compelled to have 10. How about moisturizing daily, we should all moisturize daily, say it with me “I will moisturize daily.”
11. while I’m at it, I’ll floss daily too.

okeydoke, list accomplished. Let 2010 begin…

2 Responses to “Late Night New Years list”

  1. Scott Gilmore Says:

    “8. consider letting hair go to natural color. No. Nix that.”

    Do it! Trust me, it’s better that way.

    • Christina Shook Says:

      Careful what you wish you, I accidentally mixed some brown into my hair coloring and it came out natural mouse colored. I’m going with it for a while. I’ll find out if I have any less fun not being blond.

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