Love in the name of motorcycles – a valentines party

I’ve two burning marbles here on either side of my larynx that whine and grate like my over tired 3 year old at the end of a day. ‘Tis the season. Hack hack sniffle sniffle.

But it was Valentines day and I was committed to speak at motorbike night at Tosca’s monthly motorbike night.  I whined, I wallowed in self pity, then I went. Tosca’s opened in 1929 a year before prohibition started. If this classic Italian bar in northbeach could survive that, I can show up for a dang book reading.

Its a perfect setting for a scene out of the Godfather and the bartender set me right up with a hot brandy that soothed the throat and the soul.

Here's the co-owner Peter Ridet with the original espresso machine.

And here’s another reason why I went: Leslie Kaye editor of Urban Moto magazine who know’s so many of the smartest, talented, coolest people in San Francisco and is brilliant at connecting them. Creative endeavors could not exist without people like Leslie. And she’s got great legs!

and she's got great legs...

That night she introduced me to two of them – Ron Turner founder of Last Gasp publishing and midwife (midhusband?) to some of the greatest comic book artists of our time. And I met Kevin Hunsanger co-owner of Green Apple bookstore another SF institution and successful hold out against the corporate bookstore/amazon takeover of america. Green Apple will now be the exclusive bookstore to carry Chicks on Bikes in San Francisco!

She also sweet talked the elusive and fabulous opera deviant Diva Marisa into coming to sing. Marisa’s in Chicks on Bikes.

Diva Marisa sings from La Boheme

I’m getting better at talking, reading and doing a slideshow of Chicks On Bikes. Another warm brandy and a microphone and I was in love with my Valentines audience.

Reading at Tosca's

I came out of love and devotion and that’s just what I got back.

xo, Christina

One Response to “Love in the name of motorcycles – a valentines party”

  1. soth Says:

    Looks like everyone had a blast! I’m really jealous of that whole left coast motorcycle thing you guys have going on…

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