10 Best Motorcycle Songs

Looks like I’m a bonafide something sinceย  I’m actually getting paid for speaking next Month at Santa Rosa College and presenting Chicks On Bikes: what real women motorcyclists are all about. Its National Women’s Month, you know.

So I’m spiffing up my slideshow and need some music for the intro. I contemplated many songs and dismissed the most obvious right off the bat. I’m going to make a heretic state right now. The fine old song Born To be Wild is a practically embarrassing cliche. That’s why its not on the list.

But first alllow my my motherly rant on ear drums and safety. If you listen while you ride, you’re either cranking it up to hear over wind noise and that causes ear damage. Or you have ear buds that seal out the sound and then you can’t hear around yourself on the road. Best to have all your senses sharp.

So lets get right to it. As a bonafide biker chick, here my highly personal list of the top 10 best motorcycle songs (about motorcycling that is):

10. For most bizarre and comic the award goes to: Funky Moped by Jasper Carrot.

9. And just to show you everything sounds better in French – check out this Bridgette Bardot song. I don’t know what she’s saying about that motorcycle but I like it. I’m not even going to ask if she’s ever ridden a motorbike.

8. Because I am product of 80’s new wave: Motorcycle by Love and Rockets

7. In honor of guitar hero’s who love to ride: Ride by Joe Satriani

6. Fine, I reconsidered Born to be Wild because I did quite enjoy this performance by The Cult.

5. Warning this silly motorcycle ditty may get stuck in your head. I don’t want a pickle I Just Want to Ride My Motorcycle by Arlo Gutherie

4. I admit I just found this song while cruising around the web, but its immediately catchy rockabilly tune set to the Japanese animation will hook you too. I’m a Mutha Fucker on a Motorcycle by Machine Gun Fellatio

3. I’ve sung this song into my helmet on many a road trip.ย  Thanks Neil for a putting a woman on the bike and making another classic. Unknown Legend by Neil Young

2. I do love my Bob Seeger and its not just because I’m from Detroit either. It’s all about freedom baby. This is a true classic: Roll Me Away

#1. Not because I’ve been particularly concerned with an accurate list of ranking (nor even in a serious critique of the genre of motorcycle songs) but the song that won me over to go with my Chicks On Bikes slideshow intro: Two Wheels Move the Soul by true biker chick Sasha Mullins.

Oh wait, make it 11 best motorcycle songs: I forgot about this classic piece of 70’s: Motorcycle Mama by the Sailcats

Now that I’ve had my say, comment and tell us your favorites.

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52 Responses to “10 Best Motorcycle Songs”

  1. Guy Consitt Says:

    Gotta be “Motorbikin” by Chris Spedding

  2. soth Says:

    I can’t give a specific list of songs that I enjoy whilst riding since the list tends to change on a daily basis but…

    I can give you an idea of what I like to listen to while riding…



    Congrats on getting all the much deserved attention with Chicks on bikes! That’s an amazing thing to happen for someone and you deserve it!

  3. motoette Says:

    How about rockin’ the house with Montrose’s Bad Motor Scooter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tk52nGxF-jc

  4. Liz (rippin-kitten) Says:

    Ha, it’s funny that you wrote this post because I started a discussion on my Facebook page asking people for their favorite songs riding, at a rally or hanging out in a biker bar!

    Great minds think alike! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I personally think you should use “Turbo Lover” by Judas Priest!

  5. david blankenhorn Says:

    The Timbuk3 version of “Born to Be Wild” is actually ok in an ironic kind of way.

  6. chipetke Says:

    Crimson Rider for Masterplan

  7. Hemaworstje Says:

    she loves the smell of the bike , the freedom of the riders and the fact her parents dislike her being around them bad boys , french era 60 s , golbal damn hippies

  8. Gun Runner Says:

    none of the above if you truly are a “biker chick” then you have not been one for long, how bout midnight rider or wild side out of all of your list the only one worth a damn is arlo for comic relief. I think you need to start hanging with REAL bikers and not the yuppies your associated with now.

  9. Wendell Says:

    Neat list, but it’s the only one I’ve seen that doesn’t include 1952 Vincent Black Lightning by Richard Thompson. The song is a great story, and the music is wonderful by itself.

  10. Joey J Says:

    Hello Christina,
    Came upon your article on Christmas Eve and wanted to give you a gift of song for Christmas. When you get a chance, navigate to youtube.com and search Open Road. The song is titled Open Road and was recently voted #2 motorcycle song by Washington’s Huffington Post paper. It was a list of the 10 best Motorcycle Songs ever. It was second to Steppenwolf! I really think you will enjoy it! I am sooo excited that more and more women are taking up the sport of Motorcycling. There is nothing more appealing to the human eye, then a Female on a Motorcycle!

  11. don tom Says:

    eye of a hurricane by david wilcox.of course the motorcyclist dies but it’s a woman this time.cool runnin by boz scaggs is also great.

  12. Richy Rich Says:

    Possibly the most overlooked “biker” song ever….probably because of the title of the song and the fact theat they’re rising Scwinn “motorcycles”. It’s Lapdance from N.E.R.D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiG0tcTraGA&feature=related

  13. Tom Storm Says:

    Hey! Saw this and just thought I’d add my two-cents!

    Jesus Rode A Harley – Ugly Kid Joe; Daytona Nights – Hank Williams Jr.; Broken Down (H.D. Blues) – Burnt River Band; This Life (Theme from Sons of Anarchy) – Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers; Forever Free – W.A.S.P.; Free-Wheel Burnin’ Judas Priest; Cross Country – The Godz; Full Throttle – Jackyl… To name a few….

  14. John Teague Says:

    I would like to send you two biker songs to consider, I wrote and recorded them for the local bikers in Southeast TX. They are on Juke Boxes and are played alot. Many of the groups (ABATE, MAVRICKS, etc.. support the songs and can give you references. “Highway 69” and “If You Don’t Own A Harley”.

  15. Randy Says:

    I’m surprised this one wasn’t listed.

    (She likes it too) By Alan Jackson

  16. Markus Says:

    One of my favourites is Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue

    what do you think?

    • Christina Shook Says:

      I’m a bit stumped on what the two bikers are doing in there. Are they there to save Eddy from drowning in the waters edge?
      But I can see rocking and riding to Electric Ave.

  17. Terry Houghton Says:

    hey and hi cant say i agree with any of your chioces maybe as i am a brit and dont ride a harley but bikes and music have been my life for 40 years or so so i do have an oppinion it may just not be the same as yours but i do agree with this site and am supprised you didnt find them on the net when you researched ill post the link and good luck be allways with you but ride safe just incase
    PS DONT KNOW IF ILL FIND MY Way back here as am just surfing through

    • Christina Shook Says:

      Thanks for your list Terry – good stuff! I doubt any 2 bikers would agree on a list. But its fun to see what tunes spin your wheels.

      • Terry Houghton Says:

        hey Christina
        nice of you to reply dont know if you would be interested but here is a link to a trip vid one of our group has done, his choice of music is totally diff to most i would think but it works i have never heard some of the songs but am glad they are there as they do seem to fit . there are some private jokes moments in there so if you dont laugh as loud as me its ok ha ha ha
        To put it into perspective it is a road trip from the very north of scotland to the very south of england hope ypou enjoy
        regards terry

  18. carl patrick Says:

    i don’t ride but if i did my favorites would be golden age of leather by blue oyster cult, highway to hell by ac/dc and livin’ after midnight by judas priest. oh yea there’s one more the lumberjack by jackel

  19. Don Says:

    Just compiling a list. Want to start a streaming site for bikers that just play the best few thousand. Here are a few I came up with:
    Queen – Fat Bottom Girls
    Bob Seger – Turn the Page
    Bob Seger – Night Moves (the rain sound is awesome)
    Jackson Browne – Load Out/Stay
    Todd Rungren – I don’t want to work
    David Allen Coe – Take this job and shove it
    Jimmy Buffett LIve – Southern Cross

  20. hip hop music rnb music blog new music Says:

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  21. keith ireland Says:

    hi just read your list and i have some to add
    forever angels – axel rudi pell
    motorcycle song – serena ryder
    harley davidson – acdc
    cool rider – grease 2 soundtrack
    motorcycle bitch – the skyhooks

  22. Charlie Rafferty Says:

    Totally unfreakin’believable that NO ONE has mentioned “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” by Richard Thompson!
    This would be #1 all time best mc song ever in my book.

  23. claude Says:

    here’s a cool list man
    road to hell:chris rhea
    night owl:little river band
    the break up song-greg kihn
    Born to be wild-steppen wolf
    the pusher-steppen wolf
    inna-da-vidda-iron butterfly
    le grange-ZZ topp
    voodoo child-stevie ray vaughn
    cool shot-stevie ray vaughn
    roll down the highway-B.T.O

  24. Joe HOOD Says:

    I’m rushing off to sample some of these right now, never heard most of them, thanks. But I think you should definitely consider Richard THOMPSON’s 1952 Vincent Lightening…

  25. ebichu Says:

    Just for Kicks by Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts. ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Shawn Says:

    Montrose Bad Motor Scooter..!!!

  27. Charlie Rafferty Says:

    Then there’s “Motorcycle Millie” by Garrett Williams, a gearhead rockabilly classic!

  28. Tracey Says:

    Hi all, I just released a biker song, “Cool Rider” – the video tells the story: GIRLS SEES BOY. GIRL WANTS BOY. GIRL GETS BOY…BIKER STYLE!

  29. Tracey Says:

    Here’s another by my friends John & Mary… more about women rideres. The blues! http://youtu.be/WbwWSH-JARw

  30. Lanny McGough Says:

    Check out a recent song titled “Shovelhead” by Lanny McGough on his CD titled “Rebel Soul which was out a year before Kid Rocks CD of the same title. Thanks

  31. moto joe Says:

    Ride the Wind by Poison!!!

    The lyrics make this an excellent motorcycle song…

  32. motorcycle lift tables Says:

    I’m partial to Skynyrd and Allman Bros…Always like Roll Me Away – good choice. I feel the freedom in that song.

  33. Stu Kenyon Says:

    Hi If yer interested Check out a new song Called “Two Wheel Gypsy” By a guy called Stu Kenyon it really gets to the point!

  34. Vince Says:

    Fail. I’m afraid you’ve all missed the best rocker: The Triumph Bonneville Song by The Steve Gibbons Band. Crank it up and enjoy the ride.

  35. Vince Says:

    Respect Christina – thanks for the feedback. Actually Steve Gibbons is that rarity – a genuine British rocker who can pen some kick-ass songs. (By the way: sorry about the error in the first video link – it’s a sexy scene from Hammer’s “Lust for a Vampire” which will appeal to the red-blooded males who follow this thread!)
    I’m also a big fan of sixties Brit hit “Terry” by Twinkle. The lady wrote the song herself when a teen. It’s similar in theme to “Leader of the Pack” – also a classic of course. What do you think of this one? Take care.

  36. John Schuman Says:

    I always thought that the Doobie Brothers nailed the motorcycle road trip song with “Road Angel” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aziZ-F4wl4c

  37. Tom Says:

    Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf. #1 fav biking song for sure.

  38. David M. Taylor Says:

    you need to watch the movie from the late 60″s called girl on a motorcyvce with marianne faithful….

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