Lived to write about Book Tour

I didn’t get a thing done on the road but talk to a million people, find my way to a new location daily, and make sure my two girls were fed and decently clean. I’m home now so  let the blogging begin…

The grey skies of Portland spit upon me to say – no one is coming out on a weekday night to see  Chicks On Bikes. But the warmth and welcome of the small crowd at Cascade Moto proved me wrong. Laurie Winslow the water restistant avon lady rode in on her nicely styled Triumph:

A true Portlander rides in the rain

Vrrooom - Avon calling

Here’s a link to her Avon website. All Portland Bikers should go to Laurie for their Avon needs.

This photo is by my 9 year old Ella. The perspective and composition are spot on. The gentle giant who welcomed us:


And my name in lights!

My name in lights!

And these two sisters have been riding dozens of years. I love this kind of family and biker bonding.


And a special thanks to the R.A.T. Pack for coming out.

More to photos and adventures of the northwest to come… because sometimes you just have to get started.

5 Responses to “Lived to write about Book Tour”

  1. Erik Says:

    I came and saw you talk at the Cretins clubhouse in Seattle, had a great time. I’ll be getting a copy of your book for my wifes birthday next month…Great pics. I thought it was really neat that you took your daughte ron the road with you, she will remember that her whole life.

    • Christina Shook Says:

      The other day I asked her what was her favorite part of the trip and she said – going to all the places you spoke and helping you with the slideshow. Warms my little ol’ mama heart. I’ve great pix and story for the night at the Cretin’s so stay tuned.

  2. Gaylene Says:

    What a surprise and an honor, Christina! You are a great photographer and it was so cool to meet you and Ella.

  3. Bonnie Pittenger Says:

    You picture of Glenna and Gaylene is fantastic ! Anyone that knows these two know that there could never be a more perfect example of what family bond is all about. Not only their bond in riding but in life in every way should be told and maybe it would bring back the “Family Bond” that so many have lost now days.

  4. Laurie Winslow Says:

    Thanks for stopping at Cascade Moto Classics! I was so glad to meet you and have you autograph the poster and book. I have your poster on the wall on the main living floor of our home.
    I can’t seem to get the link to work for my Avon website…it should be going to but it goes to a main wordpress page.

    Thanks again for the book! It is great to know there are so many women out there who ride too.

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