aches pains and adventure – Beyond Bucharest book review

Beyond Bucharest – by Bob Goddard
book review

I’m not sure the exact age of Bob and Liv as they set off on their Eastern European moto adventure, but I’m going to say somewhat beyond middle age.  Add aches and pains and the normal rigors of motorcycle travel to the monstrous conditions they encounter on the roads of Eastern Europe and even a seasoned motorcycle adventurer would shudder. Beyond Bucahrest is a humbling, humorous and charming read as well as an interesting insight into eastern europe.

Inspired by Ewan McGregor’s moto adventures the husband and wife team set off on bikes from England to the Black Sea in Bulgaria. They themselves would be daunted if they knew what lie in wait.  I won’t plot spoil but the floods are hair raising.

Beyond adventure their ulitmate goal it to visit some of the charitable works of EveryChild. All royalties from this book will go to the UK based charity.

I’ve recently been thinking about what place the aging motorcyclist has in the bike world. While everyone loves a tale of hardship and overcoming or succumbing to the trials and condition of travel, not many address the added issues of age with the candor and good humor that Bob Goddard does. I feel great empathy for Liv and I cheer for her when her hands freeze up so she can barely control the bike but she rallies on.

Bob’s writing wonderfully personable and so very English. I just have to giggle over some expressions like:

What a prize pratt!
Due to road conditions…we were cream crackered.

And speaking of international distintions, do French motorcyclists really wave their foot in greeting?

I recommend buying the book Beyond Bucharest for a good cause and reading it for a good adventure.

Beyond Bucharest book by Bob Goddard

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