LA La la la

LA loves Chicks on Bikes. Must be true because I had a great reception down there and met some terrific characters.

Off to a miserable start, I flew from San Francisco to Longbeach and found my drivers license had expired. No car rental without a valid license, remember that people. And everyone knows you can’t be in LA without a car (or a motorcycle). So I spent the afternoon with the downtrodden masses that waited in line with me at the DMV.

The day took a quick upturn when I was rescued from the DMV by Craig Franz owner of Westminster Harley. They are stocking Chicks on Bikes at their Huntington Beach store.

Craig Franz

And I took the opportunity to do a few shots of their lovely employee LJ. Check out that foxy tail on the back.Add an Image

Then over to Dainese store for a terrific turnout of about 50 women. I’m a big proponent of wearing good gear, all the time. Dainese has great gear that looks awesome and will save your hide. Here’s what fabulous stunt women Leah Peterson says about Dainese gear: Video.

Chicks on bikes who wear good gear. Thanks Dainese.

Tom Monroe the manager was the gracious host. And here he is with one of the many historical suits they have on display –Eddie Lawson’s, from his 1986 world championship. The store a veritable museum of famous racer leathers. Some are totally trashed and quite interesting to see what a beating leather can take.

Tom Monroe

Powerlily was the sponsor and if you don’t know about this group – go right now to Really, go. Don’t even finish reading my blog. But if you’re still reading, I’ll tell you its the spirit of women riders. Powerlily has no agenda other than to further the support, kinship and success of women in the power sports industry. Here’s me and the Powerlily founder Jessica Prokup.

Jessica Prokup of Powerlily and Christina Shook

One of the only men there, Walt Fulton deserves a shout out for being a big supporter of women riders. Nominated by Helmet Hair Magazine in the Top 10 Men who Support Women In Motorcycling. Here he is with Street Masters Motorcycle Workshops (which I’d like to take) partner Nancy Foote:

Walt Fultona and Nancy Foote of Street Masters

This is a handmade Aztec skull key to the bike of Nancy G. Toscano, of another terrific resource for women riders

Aztec Skull key

Coming Next: Cretins Club House and the East Side Motor Babes.

4 Responses to “LA La la la”

  1. Scootabaker Says:

    do scooter chicks count?

  2. LeahStunts Says:

    Ladies love Dainese (’cause it’s the best!)

  3. Denise Maple Says:

    I wish I could have attended this one. Some of my favorite people (including you!) were at this event. Hey and nice yellow tee, by the way. : )

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