Be part of history at Pismo Beach

In 1929 hundreds of motorcyclists headed to Pismo Beach to take part in the Western Federation of Motorcyclists (W.F.M.) Rally, where this panoramic photo was taken. This year the San Francisco MC and Pasadena MC are re-creating this historic photo with the Pismo Beach Motorcyle Classic. Riders will leave from both So Cal and Nor Cal, meeting in the middle for an block party on Saturday Sept. 18th and panoramic photo on the 19th.

And who’s shooting this photo?  Me on a vintage panoramic camera called a Widelux where the lens mechanically moves across the image. And two other excellent photographers using digital and large format cameras. Everyone is welcome to be in the photograph and prints are included with those who sign up for the rally in advance or can be purchased there.

I can’t tell how many are women in this original photo. But I know there’ll be plenty this year. Come on out and join us, here’s more info.

2 Responses to “Be part of history at Pismo Beach”

  1. Liz Petersen Says:

    Christina, when are you leaving for this? I may come join you! Let’s talk.

  2. mtajudy Says:

    Ok…time to post the results of your photographic endeavor. I cant wait any longer. And, where did you get the camera??

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