Bikers fill Pismo beach – fantastic photo

After a rocking day of bike rally and a Saturday night of god knows what –  well over 500 bikers still got themselves down to Pismo Beach for the grand panoramic photo.

I shot it with a funky old vintage Widelux camera. Film is at the lab as I type. Ah the old days of waiting for film at the lab.

1948 Widelux

And I fired off a few frames with my Nikon D90 and a fixed 50mm lens. I was feeling old school and all I brought with me was that 50mm sharp as a tack 1.2 lens which wasn’t nearly wide enough. But I know you’ll be dying to see something so I will post them here.

I’m really counting on the group photo master Jeff Ellmore who was the real brains behind the operations of coralling people into the right spot with the right perspective with the right camera (a medium format panoramic Fuji) and a very tall ladder.

I know from 20 years of shooting that many things can go wrong and even the simplest can take you down. The first few frames he shot with the lens cap on!

Kicking off with a proper National Anthem sung by a local highschool girl and words by luminous dignitaries.

But you all really want to see the BIG photo so I’ll get to it. It sure looks TINY on this blog.

But it was a beautiful thing to behold from 30 feet up a ladder, all those shining happy biker faces making a moto moment. This is a rough composite from my digital camera. The fog swirled around and camera exposures wobbled. But here it is:

so how many people are there here?

Afterwards as people milled around I found a few more moments. Starting with a bunch of girls, you know I can resist a women’s photo. I believe this is a mix of southern cali ladies.

chicks take pix

And then there was this guy who cut quite a jib (is that an expression?)

John Paul Duffy the Offical Interlocutor of the Roadrunners

Here is 92 year old Vincent Anslinger and his 1941 Harley he bought as a 22 year old young man. He never thought he’d own it for the next 70 years.

"I waited 3 months after ordering the bike and remember very well the day I rode it off the lot."

Some of the good people who helped pull the epic photo together. Wish I had got a shot of PMC road captain Todd Hodge who I vote the hardest working guy on set.

Tegan Hetzel, first woman president of SFMC

Thank you to SFMC and PMC for pulling it all off. Lets do it again next year!

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4 Responses to “Bikers fill Pismo beach – fantastic photo”

  1. Jamie Says:

    The write up is great, but I wanted to point out one error. Although Todd Hodge definitely put a lot of hard work into this rally, he is not the President. The President of the PMC is Levi Medina. Todd is a Road Captain. I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks.
    Jamie Stone
    PMC Member

  2. Liz Petersen Says:

    This is fantastic, Christina! Wow, to have experienced being there; it truly must have been a spectacle!

    I love the guy who’s had his bike for 70 years; the bike looks showroom new!

    And… you are waiting for film? Ahh the good old days… I miss shooting with a film camera. I was a much better photographer when I got to tend to all the settings myself.

    Thanks for sharing, and I can’t wait to see the final panorama! 🙂

  3. tgp Says:

    Yeah! So glad you came, Christina! It was great to meet you.

  4. mtajudy Says:

    Girl, you are always in the mix! And, as usual, great photography. I cant wait to see what the vintage camera gives ya. Ah, the old days indeed..LOL Keep it coming. Love ya, my friend.

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