International Motorcycle Shows -cool new Women’s Center

Last year the International Motorcycle Shows did their first Women’s Center and this year they’re making it better. They’ve got these big structural panel all through it with huge photos of women riders.REAL women riders. Not stock photos.  And best of all they are mostly MY photos.

Womens Center Design

The folks who put on the International Motorcycle Show are savvy business people who see that the women’s market is the place to grow. Our numbers are booming as while the boomer generation declines.

Use this coupon code to buy your ticket on line and save $ and help track women riders: COB    Click here for the International Motorcycle Show Website.

Come hear me speak and my images projected on the big screen at San Mateo Show this weekend: Saturday 2pm at the Hub. And Sunday 1pm at the HUB.  If you don’t catch me there come see me at my book table by the Women’s Center.

I’ll be at NYC shows too – Jan. 21-23. Stay tuned for schedule.

If you don’t know what The International Motorcycle Shows are, what the heck? Its just about everything you ever wanted to know or see in the world of bikes and bike products.

And if this all weren’t enough – this weekend  – Nov. 19-21 at San Mateo will be Elaina Meyers the first women to win an AMA pro motorcycle race, and only 16 years old. Gracing the Women’s Center and giving autographs.

Elena Meyers

Here are the Show Dates across the country:

2010/2011 Shows 

Nov 12-14 2010     Dallas Texas 

Nov 19-21 2010      San Mateo California

Dec 10-12 2010       Seattle Washington

Dec 17-19 2010       Long Beach California

Jan 7-9 2011            Novi Michigan

Jan 14-16 2011        Washington DC

Jan 21-23 2011        New York New York

Jan 28-30 2011       Cleveland Ohio

Feb 4-6 2011           Minneapolis Minnesota

Feb 11-13 2011        Chicago Illinois

Feb 25-27 2011       Greenville S.Carolina

Mar 9-12 2011         Daytona Florida

6 Responses to “International Motorcycle Shows -cool new Women’s Center”

  1. Denise Maple Says:

    Can you enter the link again for the coupon? I could not get the link to work. Thanks!

  2. Jeffrey Says:

    Christina, are you coming back east for the NYC show? If so, what day and time wil you be speaking?

  3. Christina Shook and The International Motorcycle Show… « Motorcycle Everything..and everything else. Says:

    […] to be all about the “normal” women that ride motorcycles. See Christina’s story here. Christina will be attending the NYC on January 21-23. Be sure to stop by and see her! You can find […]

  4. soth Says:

    “I’ll be at NYC shows too – Jan. 21-23. Stay tuned for schedule.”

    Crap. I wasn’t planning on going to the show this year simply because I feel like there’s not much for me to see. Now I find out that you’re gonna be there? Guess I’ll have to attend… 🙂

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