About Christina

I’m a slice-of-lifestyle photographer.  I’m out to tell the visual story of real people, honest images, and the intimacy of connection.

I’m in love with how the world looks through my camera. It is my invitation to explore the world arond me.

To see more of my work:

My book:
Chicks on Bikes - a Portrait of Women Bikers

another book I photographed:
Live Full Throttle - Life Lessons From Friends Who've Faced Cancer

My portrait and commercial photography work:

The wonderful thing to me about photography is that it is bound and connected to my life. So welcome to Shook world, which may well contain my kids, my odd snaps, my interests, favorite films, worst restaurants, coolest galleries.  I promise to keep it connected to the  story of this photographer’s vision.

This is the picture story of real people, honest images and the intimacy of connection.

Christina Shook

2 Responses to “About Christina”

  1. iowaharleygirl (Stephanie) Says:

    Hi Christina, I would love to do an interview with you for my blog. Let me know what you think. You can e-mail me at motorcyclesandskulls@yahoo.com.


  2. turk Says:

    hello, my girlfriend is the “hottie” and im the builder
    we would love to see more of the pix you took
    email me .. i have you # i will try to call

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