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RIP and a Helmet Rant

August 16, 2017

So sad I had to dig up this photo. I had a all too short moment to meet and photograph SJ Harris at the Beautiful Bikers ride this fall. It’s easy to see though that she was a gorgeous, fun and sassy – as she’s pretending to drop her bike here.
She was the first black woman professional road racer, a professional stunt rider, beloved by the bike community and inspiration for women riders of all races.
She was killed on the set of Deadpool during a stunt on Monday. No helmet. My respects to her and her loved ones.

Thank you Hollywood for showing women bikers and women of color being awesome on the big screen. Now we ask that you take responsibility and stop showing riders without helmets.  Helmets save lives and people all need to see and accept it’s simply a MUST wear item and not a fashion choice.

LA Motorcycle Film Fest photos

October 9, 2012

by bikers, about bikers, for bikers… The 3rd Los Angeles Motorcycle Film Fest was a hit. They also raised money for the outstanding organization Riders For Health

I missed a lot of films as I wondered around shooting. But I’ll cast my vote for “Left Side Story” as my favorite. Its about 48 y.o. racer Alan Kempste who looses his whole left side arm and leg in a crash with a drunk driver. He goes on to rebuild a bike and race again. Its awesome spirit and amazing to see him taking the turns with no leg or arm.
And always a highlight to me seeing those East Side Moto Babes out on the town. Check them out in their bitchin’ jean jumpsuits riding electric bikes.
AND NOW on with the photos… (click a photo and you can scroll through the gallery)…


LA part 2

August 26, 2010

The East Side Motor Babes called out the troups and the Cretins opened their doors for a late Thursday night roof top party with Chicks On Bikes. I rolled up the ramp to their rooftop clubhouse with rows of styley bikes parked under the black starless city night sky. With a perfect, truly perfect shining backdrop of the downtown skyline.

I did what I love to do best: photographed hip chicks on bikes. And here they are:

Presidente of ESBM Stacie B. London

This woman is in my tall girl club - 6'1" like me.

throw your arms in the air like you just don't care

on your knees, gentlemen.

sometimes its gotta be black and white.

yep, black and white.

I'm really taken with her look.

and that sassy look.

What I see here is that long lovely leg. And the simple red bike.

even the bystanders were iconic babes.

I broke my rule and shot a sexy girl on a bike who doesn't ride.

The power trio of ESBM. Who needs freaking Charlie?

ESMB forever.

"Its a process" Words to live by.

I have a special place in my heart for women who wrench.

President of the LA Cretins, Wayne was my endearing host and AV guy.

Me and Wayne. Looks like I'm going to backhand someone.

Thank you Cretins for a great night.

You want to see more? See the whole shoot at this link.

And you can buy your own East Side Moto Babe tshirt Here.

Woman biker envisions the future on electric motorcycles

June 1, 2010

Jennifer Bromme raced the first ever electric motorcycle race in America at TTXGP last month. She’s among my favorite photo muses. There’s so much to say about this that I’m paralyzed into inaction. But does every blog need to tell all? Wouldn’t you rather just see the pictures?  Good. Because I find writing really hard work. Hats off to those of you who do it so well and blog so diligently. Read these articles by Suzanna Schick instead.

I’ll just get to the photos because that’s what I do.

photo Jennifer Bromme at Infineon Raceway on Mavizen electric bike

Plug in the electric motorcycle

to the future and beyond...

Jane Jetson knows electric bikes are the in thing.

Zen House & homage to rust

January 30, 2010

2 Italian bikes

2 tall germanic women

Ed and truck

These things and a spare pair of socks and underwear, and a box of books was the start of a mini road trip up the Nor Cal coast from San Francisco to Point Arena.

The notion to do a book reading of motorcycle poetry and Chicks on Bikes in a remote bike shop on highway 1 at 4 pm on a Wednesday seemed a bit absurd. But any excuse for a road trip with friends was a welcome excuse to escape work and family. Turns out the small but enthusiastic crowd that came out was wonderful. They were the most friendly and engaged crowd, the kind of people that make it worth it to have written book and schlepped it around.

The Zen House is a suprisingly sophisticated motorcycle shop on highway 1 that draws motorcyclists from hundreds of miles to work on their race bikes as well as any general repair from anything from Hareley’s to the off road bikes the locals prefer. Owner Dave is a brilliant mechanic with a pedigreed history and his wife Kelly runs the front desk and teaches yoga across the street.There is a sense of zen with a buddah overlooking the work area and green plants dangling from the ceiling.

Zen House owners Kelly and Dave

If you have the good fortune to be riding along that blissful bit of California in Point Arena, just stop in. Like an old buddy, they will treat you with warmth and kindness and give you advice for whatever you may need along the way.

I myself have tried several times to read Robert Persig’s book Zen and the Art of the Motorcycle Maintenance and I’ve never made it to the end. It may be blasphemous to some but I find Phadreus a pedantic know-it-all who starts to bug me and Persig not a particularly good writer.  But the ideas in there are good and I have respect for those who contemplate and embrace them.

And so on to the photos:

Called Tetnus, the famous bike found sitting 20 years in a yard in So Cal. Ed hauled it up here. It will now be made into a racing bike by Dave at Zen House. Really.


An Homage to Rust

Luminous Rust

Christina (yep me), Kelly and Ed

Zen Jen - our tour manager owner of Die Werkstatt if SF

I learned another great use for Duct Tape: use it to get tiny cactus prickles out of your hand.

It still makes me cry – 9/11 memorial ride

September 12, 2009

This is Erich Bay who kissed his wife Lorraine as she went off to work on September 11th.
Erich Bay

Flight 93 left Newark NJ but never made to San Francisco; so Erich and several other family members of those who died on that hijacked light finished it in their memory. They rode motorcycles from the Newark Airport to SFO airport in an emotional cross country journey.

They were welcomed and escorted by many across america. But ultimately motorcycling is a solo journey with much time to reflect. He said the support and wishes of those across america brought him some comfort.

Erich was kind and smiling, but I started crying. The tragedy of it all comes pouring back. Their grief is shared by me in a way that no other tragedy evokes. I feel they suffered what was intended for us all to feel. I feel it, and I remember.

My spirits too rose when a distant roar broke into a full cacophony as hundreds of bikes filled Broadway street. Bikers from all over the bay area had joined to come and give support.
Motorcycles in San Francisco for 9/11 Memorial Ride

9/11 Memorial Ride, flight 93, San Francisco

Here’s the ride leader, Nick from Hercules.
9/11 ride leader

Urban Moto Magazine sponsored the SF event that evening. This is Leslie Kaye the groovy biker chick editor and publisher Danny Molina.Urban Moto, Leslie Kaye, 9/11 Memorial Ride, San Francisco

You know where my heart really is – chicks on bikes. I met the fantastic club – Curve Unit – that I’d heard of for years. They are total CHICKS ON BIKES – all caps baby. They had better show up for the Chicks on Bikes ride on the 27th.
Curve Unit, Flight 93 memorial ride

A little plug for their biggest event of the year coming right up too – a bbq fund raiser for Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Family fun, music, raffle… Check out their site

I believe a key to life is showing up for it. Thank you to the motorcycle community for being the kind of people who do what you believe in. Thank you for showing up.

To wrap up this post: a piece of memorial fence they brought from Shanksville, Pennsylvania where the plane crashed.
Flight 93 Memorial Fence, Shanksville, San Francisco

The who’s who of who rocked Christina’s world at Women and Motorcycling Conference.

August 26, 2009

I’m going to start my list with Lois on the Loose – If you love a mad funny adventure story and you don’t know yet know her click immediately on this link and get Loise on Loose, or Red Tape and White Knuckles. Her latest journey from London to the tip of Africa will give humility to most all of us who like to tell tales of challenging roads.

Here we are Lois and her fan, moi.
Picture 8b

Andrea Sears appeared somehow everywhere to me. I’d photographed her years ago for Chicks On Bikes and she’s now the President of the Siren’s NYC chapter.

Now - 2009

Now - 2009

Then - 2007

Then - 2007

I’ve always had an admiration of the Motor Maids. They seem to be real ladies in the best sense of the word. They are the oldest women’s motorycling club and they’ve been around over 65 years in their classic royal blue piping uniforms. They’re dedicated, classy and welcoming to all.
Picture 9

Jessica Prokup and Cam from the Motorcycle Industry Council have all the numbers to prove women are a thriving force in motorcycling so the industry best sit up and start catering to us!

Late one night I was riding my KTM home through the maze of condos at Keystone when I came upon a man on foot who shouted me down. Turns out he’s Skip Harrinson author of the book All Who Wander Are Not Lost.

He was infact slightly lost and wandering. I rode him back to his motorcycle and he popped up at my table the next day.

I was stuck at my table a lot selling books. But that was the fun part too. A parade of women bikers to watch and talk to. I love to people watch as any good photographer must. Here’s a couple of snaps of women at my booth I just liked their look.


Wrapping up here with a true inspiration. Because motorcycles spell freedom to many of us.

Carlana Stone lost the use of both her legs in an car accident years ago. She now rides a trike and needs no help to get rolling down the road and embracing life.

She’s got spirit and grace that I hope to capture a snip of in photos. I’ll blog again with her full story and lots more pix.


I talked A LOT and met the best women – Women and Motorcycling Conference day 2

August 21, 2009

I sat at my book table today and talked and talked till my throat was dry as a old rattler shed snake skin in this Colorado dehydrated air. And the parade of women was a non stop pleasure of meeting wonderful kindred spirits of bikers and adventurers.

Here’s some of my fav’s that I managed to get photos of.

Check out the most sparkle-icious women I found: Diva Amy Skaling who makes rhinestone studded accessories.

The most sparkle-icious bike I found

The most sparkle-icious bike I found

some details.

some details.

some more details.

some more details.

Leslie Prevish who I’d blogged earlier that I wanted to meet – the brilliant marketing director at Harley Davison. She was as smart, personable and dedicated as I’d imagined she would be. She’s here with Willie G. Davidson’s (Yep as in Harley Davidson) grandaughter Karen Davidson.

Leslie Prevish and Karen Davison

Leslie Prevish and Karen Davison

I caught Genevieve Schmitt riding up on her bike. Also on my list of must meets. A busy lady who know pretty much everything that’s going on in the world of women motorcyclists. She is the editor or Women Riders Now.

And here’s just a crazy machine I had to take a picture of. I think its a backward trike.

backward trike?

backward trike?

Die Werkstatte to celebrate 15 years – photo shoot

July 12, 2009

Jennifer Bromme called me to take some photos for their 15 year celebration at Die Werkstatte. She opened the first woman owned motorcycle repair shop in San Francisco in 1994 and has grown it into a well know and respected shop in the heart of the mission. Come on down August 1st for an all out biker celebration – with food and a live band.

Jennifer is a favorite subject of mine. Only in part because she shares my stature – another 6’1″ tall germanic blond. We had a great time shooting and drinking beer on the street, we somehow felt totally immune to the heavy police presence in the neighborhood as she raced her rare classic 1970’s Rickson down the street wearing a sky blue dirndle with no helmet. Jennifer grew up in Germany but got the dress at a second hand costume shop.

Jennifer Bromme races her classic Rickman motorcycle down Capp Street

Jennifer Bromme races her classic Rickman motorcycle down Capp Street

Jennifer Bromme

Jennifer Bromme welcomes you to the 15th Anniversary Party for Die Werkstatt