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RIP and a Helmet Rant

August 16, 2017

So sad I had to dig up this photo. I had a all too short moment to meet and photograph SJ Harris at the Beautiful Bikers ride this fall. It’s easy to see though that she was a gorgeous, fun and sassy – as she’s pretending to drop her bike here.
She was the first black woman professional road racer, a professional stunt rider, beloved by the bike community and inspiration for women riders of all races.
She was killed on the set of Deadpool during a stunt on Monday. No helmet. My respects to her and her loved ones.

Thank you Hollywood for showing women bikers and women of color being awesome on the big screen. Now we ask that you take responsibility and stop showing riders without helmets.  Helmets save lives and people all need to see and accept it’s simply a MUST wear item and not a fashion choice.

LA part 2

August 26, 2010

The East Side Motor Babes called out the troups and the Cretins opened their doors for a late Thursday night roof top party with Chicks On Bikes. I rolled up the ramp to their rooftop clubhouse with rows of styley bikes parked under the black starless city night sky. With a perfect, truly perfect shining backdrop of the downtown skyline.

I did what I love to do best: photographed hip chicks on bikes. And here they are:

Presidente of ESBM Stacie B. London

This woman is in my tall girl club - 6'1" like me.

throw your arms in the air like you just don't care

on your knees, gentlemen.

sometimes its gotta be black and white.

yep, black and white.

I'm really taken with her look.

and that sassy look.

What I see here is that long lovely leg. And the simple red bike.

even the bystanders were iconic babes.

I broke my rule and shot a sexy girl on a bike who doesn't ride.

The power trio of ESBM. Who needs freaking Charlie?

ESMB forever.

"Its a process" Words to live by.

I have a special place in my heart for women who wrench.

President of the LA Cretins, Wayne was my endearing host and AV guy.

Me and Wayne. Looks like I'm going to backhand someone.

Thank you Cretins for a great night.

You want to see more? See the whole shoot at this link.

And you can buy your own East Side Moto Babe tshirt Here.

Chicks On Bikes comes to Los Angeles – Angels Rev Their Engines

August 13, 2010

August is the month I gave up on LA many years ago and I sometimes look back at the life I didn’t lead. Within 24 hours of deciding, I’d boxed my few belonging to post and pointed my Yamaha XS11 north to San Francisco where I remain to this day. But that’s another story.

This August, I’m heading down for a few fab dates with Chicks On Bikes. A big thank you shout out to Dainese of Orange County for bringing me down.

Dainese Store –  Ladies Night

Thursday August 19th,  6 pm
1645 Superior Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92627-3612 (949) 645-9500

But wait… there’s more…The East Side Moto Babes! (ESBM) Like an awesome indie film, gritty, glamorous and fierce – they laid hollywood rubber in getting me a couple more spots.

I’d already bonded with the Cretin’s in Seattle last month (pictures at the end of this entry) so I’m psyched that the ESBM is their sister club and hosting me for a late Chicks On Bikes night at the LA Cretins Club House. With a skyline view of the city, I’ll be shooting on the scene.   If you’re a chick on a bike, come on down and maybe you’ll be in the next book.

ProItalia in Glendale is having their big Cafe Desmo Italian Bike Show.  And surely they need some Chicks On Bikes too.  The ESBM are coming out for the kick off Cocktail Party at the shop.

Cretins Clubhouse

Thursday August 19th, 10pm
1460 Naud St. Los Angeles, 90012
Look for ramp, Party located on 2nd floor roof parking structure.
Located Near Chinatown


Cocktail party Cafe Desmoto kick off
Friday August 20th 7pm (I’ll being doing my slideshow about 7:30)
3319 N Verdugo Rd., Glendale, CA 91208 | 818 249-5707
(next blog will be Cretin pix, really)

Book me for a Chicks On Bikes tour show

June 1, 2010

What better public image for motorcycling than a mom and her kids thumping up the coast talking about women motorcyclists? Its a good thing, maybe a bit mad, but surely its good. Chicks on Bikes is coming to a town near you (if you live in the Pacific northwest).

As I make my way up the grand coast from San Francisco to Vancouver, I’ll be hualing audio visual equipment, cameras, my two girls ages 3 & 9, and if can’t get a grasp on my common sense I’ll bring camping gear too.  Now the pacific northwest is a hard territory to dazzle, maybe they don’t take to dazzle at all. But I’ll be putting on the best dang video projection show with all my hero’s in Chicks On Bikes.  I’ll be telling their stories along with my own personal stories of how I found these women and what went down over the course of making the photos. I’ll be including some of those heartbreaking images left behind on the editing table and everyone’s favorite game “where are they now?”

And what’s best: ITS FREE!  Yep, I’ll come dazzle you with my show and afterward sign your Chicks On Bikes book myself with a sparkly silver sharpie.

I’m keen to book events all along the way and I’m taking bookings right now. I’m particularly looking for some venues in Seattle and Vancouver. You are my ideal contact if you:

a. love women and at least suspect that women are indeed smarter than men.

b. Think motorcycles are the perfect vehicle

c. are fascinated with the frozen moments and million words embodied in great photography.

d. own a motorcycle related shop

e. belong to a motorcycle club. I love clubs, great excuse to gather your buds.

My dates are June 26 – July 11th and here is my flyer. Email me through or comment here to contact me.

Motorcycle Riding For A Good Cause – Diamond Posse

March 11, 2010

Giving back to your community is a basic element to a life well lived. If I were to smash myself to bits in a motorcycle accident tomorrow and lay there dying a slow death and taking account of my life, I’d really like to have some good deeds to cough up.

The motorcycle community seems to be doing this all the time. Is it because life and death seem a bit more in perspective for bikers?

I want to put a plug out for the Diamond Posse. I’ve met a couple of them and they are some big hearted ladies. As they say, they have been “forged under pressure” thus creating diamonds.

As past members of the military or lives of personal challenges, these 5 women will set out to ride this May from San Antonio, Texas to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to celebrate Women’s Riders Month stopping at veterans’s centers along the way. They are fund raising for the Fallen Hero’s Fund to build a privately funded physical rehabilitation center.

Here’s what they need:

Donations for books.. Heart of a Military Woman Book Donation: Books will be given out to veterans at VA Stops . Proceeds benefit the Fallen Heroes Fund .
Sponsor the Riders
Donate to the Fallen Heroes Fund

Contact Eldonna aka Pink Biker Chick for more info.

Here’s who the are:

Riders of the Diamond Posse

Riders of the Diamond Posse

10 Best Motorcycle Songs

February 21, 2010

Looks like I’m a bonafide something since  I’m actually getting paid for speaking next Month at Santa Rosa College and presenting Chicks On Bikes: what real women motorcyclists are all about. Its National Women’s Month, you know.

So I’m spiffing up my slideshow and need some music for the intro. I contemplated many songs and dismissed the most obvious right off the bat. I’m going to make a heretic state right now. The fine old song Born To be Wild is a practically embarrassing cliche. That’s why its not on the list.

But first alllow my my motherly rant on ear drums and safety. If you listen while you ride, you’re either cranking it up to hear over wind noise and that causes ear damage. Or you have ear buds that seal out the sound and then you can’t hear around yourself on the road. Best to have all your senses sharp.

So lets get right to it. As a bonafide biker chick, here my highly personal list of the top 10 best motorcycle songs (about motorcycling that is):

10. For most bizarre and comic the award goes to: Funky Moped by Jasper Carrot.

9. And just to show you everything sounds better in French – check out this Bridgette Bardot song. I don’t know what she’s saying about that motorcycle but I like it. I’m not even going to ask if she’s ever ridden a motorbike.

8. Because I am product of 80’s new wave: Motorcycle by Love and Rockets

7. In honor of guitar hero’s who love to ride: Ride by Joe Satriani

6. Fine, I reconsidered Born to be Wild because I did quite enjoy this performance by The Cult.

5. Warning this silly motorcycle ditty may get stuck in your head. I don’t want a pickle I Just Want to Ride My Motorcycle by Arlo Gutherie

4. I admit I just found this song while cruising around the web, but its immediately catchy rockabilly tune set to the Japanese animation will hook you too. I’m a Mutha Fucker on a Motorcycle by Machine Gun Fellatio

3. I’ve sung this song into my helmet on many a road trip.  Thanks Neil for a putting a woman on the bike and making another classic. Unknown Legend by Neil Young

2. I do love my Bob Seeger and its not just because I’m from Detroit either. It’s all about freedom baby. This is a true classic: Roll Me Away

#1. Not because I’ve been particularly concerned with an accurate list of ranking (nor even in a serious critique of the genre of motorcycle songs) but the song that won me over to go with my Chicks On Bikes slideshow intro: Two Wheels Move the Soul by true biker chick Sasha Mullins.

Oh wait, make it 11 best motorcycle songs: I forgot about this classic piece of 70’s: Motorcycle Mama by the Sailcats

Now that I’ve had my say, comment and tell us your favorites.

International Motorcycle Show

November 16, 2009

Its that time of year to revise your motorcycle dream list. All the bikes from all the makers will be under one roof in San Mateo next weekend – Nov. 20 to 22.for the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show.

Here’s a discount code special from me to you: go to and use the code COB for $3 off entry.

I’ll be speaking on Who Women Riders are Today. Of course there’ll be my pictures for the slide show and I’ve been gathering my facts to open eyes, pop  eyes and show ’em that we’re real, we’re here, and we’re kicking butts.

I’ll be on in the Hub 11:30 – 12:00 on Sat. and 1 – 1:30 on Sunday.

Sue Slate and Gin Shea, founders of the Women’s Motorcycling Foundations and Dirty Dozen fame will be running the Women’s Center. Find the great new gear that is finally seems to be available to fit women.

Curses on the printer, cheers for a new party date – 100 Women Ride

September 3, 2009

Oh the trials of publishing, everyone warned me. Ok my printer is in China and despite my very best efforts at good communication, its a bit like ordering Chinese food on a busy Saturday night over the phone. But honestly they’re good people, honest, good quality and the best price by far. DIYA publising if you want to know. Now back to my bitching…

I had to reschedule the date for the Chicks on Bikes ride and party after. It is now set for Sept. 27th. The ride starts at 12:30 and ends at Benders Bar in the mission at 3pm. I’m now calling it the Chicks On Bikes 100 Women Ride. Surely we can get 100 women on bikes out there. Its a deep and powerful feeling revving engines with big pack of girls. Its truly a Hear Me Roar feeling.

Dudes on bikes welcome.

Here’s the details:
Chicks On Bikes – 100 women ride.
San Francisco
Sunday Sept. 27
12:30 Be at Ocean Beach on the Great Highway where Fulton ends – ready to ride.

3:00 Chicks on Bikes Book Party
Benders Bar
806 South Van Ness @19th
Free BBQ, great drinks, 2 pool tables, hip music and me smiling and signing your book. 21+

I just hung a show of my work there that will be up all month. Stop on by and check it out.

And have a bloody mary there if you’re ready for lunch. Just so you know, its not mine.summer09-20

The who’s who of who rocked Christina’s world at Women and Motorcycling Conference.

August 26, 2009

I’m going to start my list with Lois on the Loose – If you love a mad funny adventure story and you don’t know yet know her click immediately on this link and get Loise on Loose, or Red Tape and White Knuckles. Her latest journey from London to the tip of Africa will give humility to most all of us who like to tell tales of challenging roads.

Here we are Lois and her fan, moi.
Picture 8b

Andrea Sears appeared somehow everywhere to me. I’d photographed her years ago for Chicks On Bikes and she’s now the President of the Siren’s NYC chapter.

Now - 2009

Now - 2009

Then - 2007

Then - 2007

I’ve always had an admiration of the Motor Maids. They seem to be real ladies in the best sense of the word. They are the oldest women’s motorycling club and they’ve been around over 65 years in their classic royal blue piping uniforms. They’re dedicated, classy and welcoming to all.
Picture 9

Jessica Prokup and Cam from the Motorcycle Industry Council have all the numbers to prove women are a thriving force in motorcycling so the industry best sit up and start catering to us!

Late one night I was riding my KTM home through the maze of condos at Keystone when I came upon a man on foot who shouted me down. Turns out he’s Skip Harrinson author of the book All Who Wander Are Not Lost.

He was infact slightly lost and wandering. I rode him back to his motorcycle and he popped up at my table the next day.

I was stuck at my table a lot selling books. But that was the fun part too. A parade of women bikers to watch and talk to. I love to people watch as any good photographer must. Here’s a couple of snaps of women at my booth I just liked their look.


Wrapping up here with a true inspiration. Because motorcycles spell freedom to many of us.

Carlana Stone lost the use of both her legs in an car accident years ago. She now rides a trike and needs no help to get rolling down the road and embracing life.

She’s got spirit and grace that I hope to capture a snip of in photos. I’ll blog again with her full story and lots more pix.


I talked A LOT and met the best women – Women and Motorcycling Conference day 2

August 21, 2009

I sat at my book table today and talked and talked till my throat was dry as a old rattler shed snake skin in this Colorado dehydrated air. And the parade of women was a non stop pleasure of meeting wonderful kindred spirits of bikers and adventurers.

Here’s some of my fav’s that I managed to get photos of.

Check out the most sparkle-icious women I found: Diva Amy Skaling who makes rhinestone studded accessories.

The most sparkle-icious bike I found

The most sparkle-icious bike I found

some details.

some details.

some more details.

some more details.

Leslie Prevish who I’d blogged earlier that I wanted to meet – the brilliant marketing director at Harley Davison. She was as smart, personable and dedicated as I’d imagined she would be. She’s here with Willie G. Davidson’s (Yep as in Harley Davidson) grandaughter Karen Davidson.

Leslie Prevish and Karen Davison

Leslie Prevish and Karen Davison

I caught Genevieve Schmitt riding up on her bike. Also on my list of must meets. A busy lady who know pretty much everything that’s going on in the world of women motorcyclists. She is the editor or Women Riders Now.

And here’s just a crazy machine I had to take a picture of. I think its a backward trike.

backward trike?

backward trike?