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LA part 2

August 26, 2010

The East Side Motor Babes called out the troups and the Cretins opened their doors for a late Thursday night roof top party with Chicks On Bikes. I rolled up the ramp to their rooftop clubhouse with rows of styley bikes parked under the black starless city night sky. With a perfect, truly perfect shining backdrop of the downtown skyline.

I did what I love to do best: photographed hip chicks on bikes. And here they are:

Presidente of ESBM Stacie B. London

This woman is in my tall girl club - 6'1" like me.

throw your arms in the air like you just don't care

on your knees, gentlemen.

sometimes its gotta be black and white.

yep, black and white.

I'm really taken with her look.

and that sassy look.

What I see here is that long lovely leg. And the simple red bike.

even the bystanders were iconic babes.

I broke my rule and shot a sexy girl on a bike who doesn't ride.

The power trio of ESBM. Who needs freaking Charlie?

ESMB forever.

"Its a process" Words to live by.

I have a special place in my heart for women who wrench.

President of the LA Cretins, Wayne was my endearing host and AV guy.

Me and Wayne. Looks like I'm going to backhand someone.

Thank you Cretins for a great night.

You want to see more? See the whole shoot at this link.

And you can buy your own East Side Moto Babe tshirt Here.

Book me for a Chicks On Bikes tour show

June 1, 2010

What better public image for motorcycling than a mom and her kids thumping up the coast talking about women motorcyclists? Its a good thing, maybe a bit mad, but surely its good. Chicks on Bikes is coming to a town near you (if you live in the Pacific northwest).

As I make my way up the grand coast from San Francisco to Vancouver, I’ll be hualing audio visual equipment, cameras, my two girls ages 3 & 9, and if can’t get a grasp on my common sense I’ll bring camping gear too.  Now the pacific northwest is a hard territory to dazzle, maybe they don’t take to dazzle at all. But I’ll be putting on the best dang video projection show with all my hero’s in Chicks On Bikes.  I’ll be telling their stories along with my own personal stories of how I found these women and what went down over the course of making the photos. I’ll be including some of those heartbreaking images left behind on the editing table and everyone’s favorite game “where are they now?”

And what’s best: ITS FREE!  Yep, I’ll come dazzle you with my show and afterward sign your Chicks On Bikes book myself with a sparkly silver sharpie.

I’m keen to book events all along the way and I’m taking bookings right now. I’m particularly looking for some venues in Seattle and Vancouver. You are my ideal contact if you:

a. love women and at least suspect that women are indeed smarter than men.

b. Think motorcycles are the perfect vehicle

c. are fascinated with the frozen moments and million words embodied in great photography.

d. own a motorcycle related shop

e. belong to a motorcycle club. I love clubs, great excuse to gather your buds.

My dates are June 26 – July 11th and here is my flyer. Email me through or comment here to contact me.

Not a Harley Girl – or am I?

April 8, 2010

I’m a sport bike girl at heart. I like the speed and focus of flicking the bike through a twisty road. I like the tucked in feeling of the bike bonded to my body. I like the hyper, buggy, plastic body work of performance bikes. I like the general demeanor and style of fellow sportbike riders (not the squids).

As author of  Chicks On Bikes that embraces all kinds of bikes and riders and styles I do my best to disregard personal preferences. I am forever enthused to learn what individuals love about their bikes. The character and the bike they choose are an inseperable part of the story and every rider has a story.

But I’m going to confess the big cruisers have never called to me. Its kind of the way I feel about birds – its fascinating to encounter other people’s birds but never ever do I want to own a bird. They’re loud, they poop on you and I don’t like the herky jerky way they move.

The maverick in me just does not want to own the #1 selling bike in America, the Harley Davidson.  I’ve actually entertained ideas of buying seriously ugly but beloved bikes such as the V-Strom. In part just to be ornery.

But as I contemplate doing a major road trip book tour this summer. Possibly with my 9 year old daughter. It behooves me to take an earnest look at the biggest lux touring ride in the Harley stable -the Ultra Classic Electra Glide.

I think the wonderful writer photographer Bob Stokestad summed it up well in this article on the Big Mama as he calls it. And from now on I shall call all Ultra Classic Electra Glides Big Mama too.

I will just say its the closest thing to a 2 wheeled Lazy Boy and the highly visible color orange with a hue that nods to the 70’s suits me just fine. Here is a picture of me and Ella on it at Dudley Perkins Harley dealership in San Francisco at their recent Garage Party.

seat testing Big Mama at Dudley Perkins Harley, San Francsico

The Garage Parties that Harley dealerships have been putting on this spring are aimed at encouraging women riders.  I gotta love that. I give HD a hearty thump on the back for the wisdom of promoting women riders. Its that kind of smart marketing that keeps them the #1 seller. And another kudo to Dudley Perkins, a SF institution, for being such good people. If were plunking down my change to buy a brand new Big Mama, this is where I’d plunk it.

I just saw a video where a knee is dragged on a massive Goldwing. Now that’s the kind of rider I want to be, comfy but fast!

Zen House & homage to rust

January 30, 2010

2 Italian bikes

2 tall germanic women

Ed and truck

These things and a spare pair of socks and underwear, and a box of books was the start of a mini road trip up the Nor Cal coast from San Francisco to Point Arena.

The notion to do a book reading of motorcycle poetry and Chicks on Bikes in a remote bike shop on highway 1 at 4 pm on a Wednesday seemed a bit absurd. But any excuse for a road trip with friends was a welcome excuse to escape work and family. Turns out the small but enthusiastic crowd that came out was wonderful. They were the most friendly and engaged crowd, the kind of people that make it worth it to have written book and schlepped it around.

The Zen House is a suprisingly sophisticated motorcycle shop on highway 1 that draws motorcyclists from hundreds of miles to work on their race bikes as well as any general repair from anything from Hareley’s to the off road bikes the locals prefer. Owner Dave is a brilliant mechanic with a pedigreed history and his wife Kelly runs the front desk and teaches yoga across the street.There is a sense of zen with a buddah overlooking the work area and green plants dangling from the ceiling.

Zen House owners Kelly and Dave

If you have the good fortune to be riding along that blissful bit of California in Point Arena, just stop in. Like an old buddy, they will treat you with warmth and kindness and give you advice for whatever you may need along the way.

I myself have tried several times to read Robert Persig’s book Zen and the Art of the Motorcycle Maintenance and I’ve never made it to the end. It may be blasphemous to some but I find Phadreus a pedantic know-it-all who starts to bug me and Persig not a particularly good writer.  But the ideas in there are good and I have respect for those who contemplate and embrace them.

And so on to the photos:

Called Tetnus, the famous bike found sitting 20 years in a yard in So Cal. Ed hauled it up here. It will now be made into a racing bike by Dave at Zen House. Really.


An Homage to Rust

Luminous Rust

Christina (yep me), Kelly and Ed

Zen Jen - our tour manager owner of Die Werkstatt if SF

I learned another great use for Duct Tape: use it to get tiny cactus prickles out of your hand.

Suburban book club takes on Chicks on Bikes

October 29, 2009

Wine, dessert and Chicks On Bikes

Those who know about book clubs know that too often the book doesn’t get entirely read. So I really thought Chicks on Bikes would be a perfect book. Heck, you can just look at the pictures like kids read National Geographic. Then you turn up drink some wine, nibble a little dessert and a have a gab with the girl friends.

Chicks on Bikes is an accessable book for anyone to jump into and enjoy, but its not just fluff with photos. It got a powerful message of what it means to follow your passion, how women jump into a man’s world and make it their own, how people assess risk… and lots of juicy topics for any book club.

The Moraga Moms book club is here in an affluent suburb of San Francisco – they do not ride motorcycles. They are not interested in ever riding motorcycles. But I’m terribly pleased to report that they loved reading Chicks on Bikes.

In their own words, here’s what they said:

“I just picked up the book to look flip through the pictures and I got caught up and read it straight through.”

“I would probably never have gone out and read this book because I have no interest in motorcycles. But I found that the women were more like me than they were different. I know at one point I cried.”

“I was astounded by the power of the women.”

“Maybe its a great book for us because we’re hitting middle age and harbour some fantasy of doing something wild!”

” I keep looking at the pictures and I see something new every time.”

Well that’s it for me tooting my horn with a blush. But I’m psyched to get my book into the hands of more book club and share the inspiration and spirit of Chicks on Bikes.

So I’m going to offer a Book Club Special:

  • I’ll send a box of 6 books or more with 20% discount and free shipping to your book club. ($20/book) or add $3 each to ship direct to each person.
  • I’ll sign each book.
  • I’ll call in during your meeting for an personal chat with your group.

And when you’re done reading it, how fun is it to put a book on your coffee table with a big vaginally suggestive image on it. Use it a rorschach test of visual literacy!

email me directly:
And check out the website: www.ChicksOnBikes.US

The who’s who of who rocked Christina’s world at Women and Motorcycling Conference.

August 26, 2009

I’m going to start my list with Lois on the Loose – If you love a mad funny adventure story and you don’t know yet know her click immediately on this link and get Loise on Loose, or Red Tape and White Knuckles. Her latest journey from London to the tip of Africa will give humility to most all of us who like to tell tales of challenging roads.

Here we are Lois and her fan, moi.
Picture 8b

Andrea Sears appeared somehow everywhere to me. I’d photographed her years ago for Chicks On Bikes and she’s now the President of the Siren’s NYC chapter.

Now - 2009

Now - 2009

Then - 2007

Then - 2007

I’ve always had an admiration of the Motor Maids. They seem to be real ladies in the best sense of the word. They are the oldest women’s motorycling club and they’ve been around over 65 years in their classic royal blue piping uniforms. They’re dedicated, classy and welcoming to all.
Picture 9

Jessica Prokup and Cam from the Motorcycle Industry Council have all the numbers to prove women are a thriving force in motorcycling so the industry best sit up and start catering to us!

Late one night I was riding my KTM home through the maze of condos at Keystone when I came upon a man on foot who shouted me down. Turns out he’s Skip Harrinson author of the book All Who Wander Are Not Lost.

He was infact slightly lost and wandering. I rode him back to his motorcycle and he popped up at my table the next day.

I was stuck at my table a lot selling books. But that was the fun part too. A parade of women bikers to watch and talk to. I love to people watch as any good photographer must. Here’s a couple of snaps of women at my booth I just liked their look.


Wrapping up here with a true inspiration. Because motorcycles spell freedom to many of us.

Carlana Stone lost the use of both her legs in an car accident years ago. She now rides a trike and needs no help to get rolling down the road and embracing life.

She’s got spirit and grace that I hope to capture a snip of in photos. I’ll blog again with her full story and lots more pix.


Rocky Mountain High – day one AMA International Women and Motorcycling Conference

August 19, 2009

I got those bubbles of joy in my stomach when I swung my leg high up over the seat of an Orange KTM 950 adventure this morning. I’ll admit I was signing John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High. So what? Colorado Rockies will do that to you.

The ride here was the sunny day riding feel good time when my little brain gave itself up to the curve of the road and the majesty of the mountains. I’m so tweaky tired now after a jam packed evening at the Conference full of inspiring women to meet and a booth to set up. I’ll just post a few photos now.

Me at the Continental Divide - police came moments later to tell me to get on the road.

Me at the Continental Divide - police came moments later to tell me to get on the road.

Here’s my table. with my BIG banner. Makes me feel official now.

Kermitts Bar in Idaho Springs is entirely wall papered in dollar bills, and they serve a tasty home made green chilli. We did some opportunistic promotion of Chicks on Bikes, and the owner says he’ll sell the books there.

Lots of clubs were there sporting their colors.

International Women and Motorcycling Conference – book launch

August 14, 2009

In my effort to write captivating blog posts, I forgot to mention the imminent World Priemier of Chicks on Bikes at the International Women and Motorcycling Conference in Keystone Colorado August 19-22.
Picture 7

Books shipped, banner printed, table rented, plane tix, hotel rooms – I’m ready to hit the book promo trail. I’m psyched to meet the leaders of the motorcycle media and industry – Particularly moto journalist personality Genevieve Schmitt, and Harley’s marketing guru Leslie Prevish. Really this is my favorite thing about the book – meeting all the great biker peeps.

If you’re going, shoot me an email and be sure to come by my table I’m sharing with Carla King author of Motorcycling Misadventures.

A couple other book will be there too – Lois on the Loose, and A Photographic History of Early Women Motorcyclists.

Chicks on Bikes videos

July 20, 2009

Well I guess I should have known, but it still shocks me how much offensive media there is on women bikers. I just did a youtube search on Chicks on Bikes and do you know what came up? Sure you do. Lots of “hot chicks on bikes” read: have never started a motorcycle image but willing to pose in sad permutations of lustful porn poses.

No need to add a link here because they’re all so incredibly dull and mundane. But obviously thrilling to a good number of guys.

one of a million stupid pictures of girls on bikes

one of a million stupid pictures of girls on bikes

I guess men like bikes, they like sex with women and they hope to combine these things in one stimulating image. I ponder what exactly they want when they look at those pictures. Does a fast or flashy bike embody their fantasy self and the women draped on the bike are somehow draped on them?

Oh now my husband just came in the room and explained this to me. Men see a bike they would like to have and they wish that sexy woman wanted to have sex with him on the bike. He says I’m making the whole thing more complicated than it really is. Men are simple creatures.

As a photographer (if I’m feeling generous toward the bozos who take these pics) I think may a part of is the simple mechanics of it, a good posing prop.

Anyway, my search turned up a few amusing things as well. First of all (and this is #5 on Youtube) is a song called “Chicks on Bikes”

Check out Heloise’s Household Hints for Motorcycles Its like June Cleaver telling you how to get the stinky sweat out of your motorcycle helmet and other handy (ladylike?) tips. Heloise rides around and around on her campy sidecar bike and tells you she’s been riding since 1974.

Keepin’ in real are these ladies: “Bangs – Uncontrollable Women” I’d love to photograph them. You’ve got to see the scene when she catches her bike on fire. They give their biker names – Unconcious Nana, Big Panty (Pan-tay)…
part 1
part 2

Cover of Urban Moto

July 1, 2009

Check out this terrific magazine Urban Moto – its their women’s issue and my book Chicks on Bikes is the cover.

Chicks On Bikes

Chicks On Bikes