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Chicks On Bikes comes to Los Angeles – Angels Rev Their Engines

August 13, 2010

August is the month I gave up on LA many years ago and I sometimes look back at the life I didn’t lead. Within 24 hours of deciding, I’d boxed my few belonging to post and pointed my Yamaha XS11 north to San Francisco where I remain to this day. But that’s another story.

This August, I’m heading down for a few fab dates with Chicks On Bikes. A big thank you shout out to Dainese of Orange County for bringing me down.

Dainese Store –  Ladies Night

Thursday August 19th,  6 pm
1645 Superior Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92627-3612 (949) 645-9500

But wait… there’s more…The East Side Moto Babes! (ESBM) Like an awesome indie film, gritty, glamorous and fierce – they laid hollywood rubber in getting me a couple more spots.

I’d already bonded with the Cretin’s in Seattle last month (pictures at the end of this entry) so I’m psyched that the ESBM is their sister club and hosting me for a late Chicks On Bikes night at the LA Cretins Club House. With a skyline view of the city, I’ll be shooting on the scene.   If you’re a chick on a bike, come on down and maybe you’ll be in the next book.

ProItalia in Glendale is having their big Cafe Desmo Italian Bike Show.  And surely they need some Chicks On Bikes too.  The ESBM are coming out for the kick off Cocktail Party at the shop.

Cretins Clubhouse

Thursday August 19th, 10pm
1460 Naud St. Los Angeles, 90012
Look for ramp, Party located on 2nd floor roof parking structure.
Located Near Chinatown


Cocktail party Cafe Desmoto kick off
Friday August 20th 7pm (I’ll being doing my slideshow about 7:30)
3319 N Verdugo Rd., Glendale, CA 91208 | 818 249-5707
(next blog will be Cretin pix, really)

Woman biker envisions the future on electric motorcycles

June 1, 2010

Jennifer Bromme raced the first ever electric motorcycle race in America at TTXGP last month. She’s among my favorite photo muses. There’s so much to say about this that I’m paralyzed into inaction. But does every blog need to tell all? Wouldn’t you rather just see the pictures?  Good. Because I find writing really hard work. Hats off to those of you who do it so well and blog so diligently. Read these articles by Suzanna Schick instead.

I’ll just get to the photos because that’s what I do.

photo Jennifer Bromme at Infineon Raceway on Mavizen electric bike

Plug in the electric motorcycle

to the future and beyond...

Jane Jetson knows electric bikes are the in thing.

Book me for a Chicks On Bikes tour show

June 1, 2010

What better public image for motorcycling than a mom and her kids thumping up the coast talking about women motorcyclists? Its a good thing, maybe a bit mad, but surely its good. Chicks on Bikes is coming to a town near you (if you live in the Pacific northwest).

As I make my way up the grand coast from San Francisco to Vancouver, I’ll be hualing audio visual equipment, cameras, my two girls ages 3 & 9, and if can’t get a grasp on my common sense I’ll bring camping gear too.  Now the pacific northwest is a hard territory to dazzle, maybe they don’t take to dazzle at all. But I’ll be putting on the best dang video projection show with all my hero’s in Chicks On Bikes.  I’ll be telling their stories along with my own personal stories of how I found these women and what went down over the course of making the photos. I’ll be including some of those heartbreaking images left behind on the editing table and everyone’s favorite game “where are they now?”

And what’s best: ITS FREE!  Yep, I’ll come dazzle you with my show and afterward sign your Chicks On Bikes book myself with a sparkly silver sharpie.

I’m keen to book events all along the way and I’m taking bookings right now. I’m particularly looking for some venues in Seattle and Vancouver. You are my ideal contact if you:

a. love women and at least suspect that women are indeed smarter than men.

b. Think motorcycles are the perfect vehicle

c. are fascinated with the frozen moments and million words embodied in great photography.

d. own a motorcycle related shop

e. belong to a motorcycle club. I love clubs, great excuse to gather your buds.

My dates are June 26 – July 11th and here is my flyer. Email me through or comment here to contact me.

Not a Harley Girl – or am I?

April 8, 2010

I’m a sport bike girl at heart. I like the speed and focus of flicking the bike through a twisty road. I like the tucked in feeling of the bike bonded to my body. I like the hyper, buggy, plastic body work of performance bikes. I like the general demeanor and style of fellow sportbike riders (not the squids).

As author of  Chicks On Bikes that embraces all kinds of bikes and riders and styles I do my best to disregard personal preferences. I am forever enthused to learn what individuals love about their bikes. The character and the bike they choose are an inseperable part of the story and every rider has a story.

But I’m going to confess the big cruisers have never called to me. Its kind of the way I feel about birds – its fascinating to encounter other people’s birds but never ever do I want to own a bird. They’re loud, they poop on you and I don’t like the herky jerky way they move.

The maverick in me just does not want to own the #1 selling bike in America, the Harley Davidson.  I’ve actually entertained ideas of buying seriously ugly but beloved bikes such as the V-Strom. In part just to be ornery.

But as I contemplate doing a major road trip book tour this summer. Possibly with my 9 year old daughter. It behooves me to take an earnest look at the biggest lux touring ride in the Harley stable -the Ultra Classic Electra Glide.

I think the wonderful writer photographer Bob Stokestad summed it up well in this article on the Big Mama as he calls it. And from now on I shall call all Ultra Classic Electra Glides Big Mama too.

I will just say its the closest thing to a 2 wheeled Lazy Boy and the highly visible color orange with a hue that nods to the 70’s suits me just fine. Here is a picture of me and Ella on it at Dudley Perkins Harley dealership in San Francisco at their recent Garage Party.

seat testing Big Mama at Dudley Perkins Harley, San Francsico

The Garage Parties that Harley dealerships have been putting on this spring are aimed at encouraging women riders.  I gotta love that. I give HD a hearty thump on the back for the wisdom of promoting women riders. Its that kind of smart marketing that keeps them the #1 seller. And another kudo to Dudley Perkins, a SF institution, for being such good people. If were plunking down my change to buy a brand new Big Mama, this is where I’d plunk it.

I just saw a video where a knee is dragged on a massive Goldwing. Now that’s the kind of rider I want to be, comfy but fast!

I talked A LOT and met the best women – Women and Motorcycling Conference day 2

August 21, 2009

I sat at my book table today and talked and talked till my throat was dry as a old rattler shed snake skin in this Colorado dehydrated air. And the parade of women was a non stop pleasure of meeting wonderful kindred spirits of bikers and adventurers.

Here’s some of my fav’s that I managed to get photos of.

Check out the most sparkle-icious women I found: Diva Amy Skaling who makes rhinestone studded accessories.

The most sparkle-icious bike I found

The most sparkle-icious bike I found

some details.

some details.

some more details.

some more details.

Leslie Prevish who I’d blogged earlier that I wanted to meet – the brilliant marketing director at Harley Davison. She was as smart, personable and dedicated as I’d imagined she would be. She’s here with Willie G. Davidson’s (Yep as in Harley Davidson) grandaughter Karen Davidson.

Leslie Prevish and Karen Davison

Leslie Prevish and Karen Davison

I caught Genevieve Schmitt riding up on her bike. Also on my list of must meets. A busy lady who know pretty much everything that’s going on in the world of women motorcyclists. She is the editor or Women Riders Now.

And here’s just a crazy machine I had to take a picture of. I think its a backward trike.

backward trike?

backward trike?

Goofing for the camera

June 29, 2009

Usually I don’t like the mugging for the camera shot. I just took it to get the mood rolling. But as I looked through all the lovely images for my upcoming Chicks on Bikes book about women and motorcycling, it turns out this one had the spark. I’m always looking for what feels real and what really connects viewer to subject. Sometime you don’t know until you’re in your final edit. These photos of Women on Wheels founders were taken 9 years ago. The two older women are now passed away.
Below you can see why I choose the fun one.