Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys

Radio is alive and well in this age of podcasts. Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys bring together the holy alliance of diners, motorcycles and talk. Its like fries, salt and ketchup – or like wind, leather and motor oil. Its like Garrison Keeler is your old riding buddy sitting with plate of eggs and tales of the road sprinkled with name droppings of moto celebrities.

I’ll have the pleasure of being in the company of moto adventurer Tiffany Coates (on last weeks show), photographer Sara Laliberte and Grizzly Adams! Tune in early Saturday morning to catch ME live on :  (the podcast will then be posted for listening at any time).

If you’re an early bird – maybe hitting the road for a great Saturday ride – call in to the show (323) 417-6788.  Go ahead and ask me the burning question- “are there any naked chicks in your book?”

I’ll be talking about how my book Chicks On Bikes made and how I’ve seen the imagery of women motorcyclists change over time. If you still haven’t got the book – now’s the time as its discounted $5 over buying through Amazon.

Also, learn about the inspiring and beautifully made book of motorcycle women in Montana who conga lined across the country to grass roots raise money for cancer. Author Tamela Rich combines her wisdom with full color pages of my photographs in “Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons from Friends Who’ve Faced Cancer”. Check it out here or on Amazon: Live Full Throttle

Here’s the charming host Garrison Leykam and Ralph Deluco:


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One Response to “Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys”

  1. Tamela Rich (@TamelaRich) Says:

    Garrison and Ralph will need a couple o’ cups o’ joe to keep up with your banter, Christina! Rock on!

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