LA part 2

The East Side Motor Babes called out the troups and the Cretins opened their doors for a late Thursday night roof top party with Chicks On Bikes. I rolled up the ramp to their rooftop clubhouse with rows of styley bikes parked under the black starless city night sky. With a perfect, truly perfect shining backdrop of the downtown skyline.

I did what I love to do best: photographed hip chicks on bikes. And here they are:

Presidente of ESBM Stacie B. London

This woman is in my tall girl club - 6'1" like me.

throw your arms in the air like you just don't care

on your knees, gentlemen.

sometimes its gotta be black and white.

yep, black and white.

I'm really taken with her look.

and that sassy look.

What I see here is that long lovely leg. And the simple red bike.

even the bystanders were iconic babes.

I broke my rule and shot a sexy girl on a bike who doesn't ride.

The power trio of ESBM. Who needs freaking Charlie?

ESMB forever.

"Its a process" Words to live by.

I have a special place in my heart for women who wrench.

President of the LA Cretins, Wayne was my endearing host and AV guy.

Me and Wayne. Looks like I'm going to backhand someone.

Thank you Cretins for a great night.

You want to see more? See the whole shoot at this link.

And you can buy your own East Side Moto Babe tshirt Here.

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5 Responses to “LA part 2”

  1. August Summer Nights 2010 | Los Angeles Cretins Motor Cycle Club Says:

    […] You can read more about on Christina’s Blog. […]

  2. Liz Petersen Says:

    Looks like way too much fun, Christina. Sublime photos, as always…

  3. Donna Rees Says:

    AWESOME shots of beautiful women and bikes!! You have some amazing skills, girl!! Thanks!

  4. mtajudy Says:

    As always, FABULOUS! and you look like u are having way too much fun, again!! You do know how to pick the hot guy to get your picture taken with, huh?? LMFAO Girl, u rock it, dontcha!

  5. Erika Says:

    Great and beautiful photos, I delight to see all the beauties on bikes!

    Woman Welder

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